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French: image spèculaire

Little Other[edit | edit source]

The specular image refers to the reflection of one's own body in the mirror, the image of oneself which is simultaneously oneself and other -- the "little other".

Identification[edit | edit source]

It is by identifying with the specular image that the infant first begins to construct its ego in the mirror stage.

Mirror Stage[edit | edit source]

Even when there is no real mirror, the infant sees its behaviour reflected in the imitative gestures of an adult or another child; these imitative gestures enable the other person to function as a specular image.

Captation[edit | edit source]

The human being is completely captivated by the specular image.

Imaginary[edit | edit source]

This is the basic reason for the power of the imaginary in the subject.

Non-Specularizable[edit | edit source]

There are certain things which have no specular image, which are not "specularizable."

These are the phallus, the erogenous zones, and objet petit a.

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