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Formations of the Unconscious[edit | edit source]

The "formations of the unconscious" are those phenomena in which the laws of the unconscious are most clearly visible; the joke, the dream, the symptom, and the lapsus ("parapraxis").

Laws of the Unconscious[edit | edit source]

The fundamental mechanisms involved in the formations of the unconscious were referred to by Freud as the "laws of the unconscious," condensation and displacement, which Lacan redefines as metaphor and metonymy.

Formation of Analysts[edit | edit source]

The "formation of analysts" (formation des analystes) means the training of psychoanalysts.<ref>Lacan, Jacques. Écrits: A Selection. Trans. Alan Sheridan. London: Tavistock Publications, 1977. p.144-5</ref>

Formations of the Ego[edit | edit source]

The "formations of the ego" are the three elements related to the ego:

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